Smells Like Tuesday

Smells Like Tuesday 0.5

Smells like Tuesday is a weird game with a story that doesn't make much sense
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Smells like Tuesday, or to give it it's full title, "Smells like Tuesday (what does that smell like anyway?)" is a game currently being created by Charlie Birks (and others get involved, occasionally). It contains basically anything Charlie Birks could think of, resulting in a story that... well, doesn't make much sense.

The three main characters are:
Andrew Tuesday - The most normal character, who is completely confused by everything and aware that he is in a game.
Sir Questalot - A knight who enjoys nothing more than completing quests for people, no matter how strange.
Hoshii - A thief obsessed with anything shiny.

Together, and with the help of Daft Freak, this strange bunch save the world from the most evil thing in existence, a white box trying to destroy everything. Well... it's evil in their world.
Of course, there are some other things along the way, like Andrew trying to work out why he's there, Questalot doing quests and Hoshii stealing anything that happens to be shiny...

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